The Buddha Silp Naga Buddha 2.1 cm height (Gold ~8.5g)

The Buddha Silp Naga Buddha 2.1 cm height (Gold ~8.5g)

One of the most beautiful Naga Buddha, designed by Ajarn Thani Chinchoosak
Usually ships within 24 hours.
The Roop Lor Buddha Silp Naga Buddha 2.1 cm height Gold ~8.5g 

This is the 1st batch of the Naga Buddha designed by using history of the Lord Buddha. It was the time that the Lord Buddha was sitting down under the Muchalinda tree and the heavy raining had come. The Muchalinda Nakarat (The King of 7 heads Naga) came up to protect by covering whole body of the Lord Buddha from rains and cold.

This creation of Design was made by Ajarn Thanee Chinchusak (Jitdrathanee), the artist under the name of “Jaturongkadhat Thai Drawing” which individualise the lively dynamic artistic style.

The designed of Roop lor is made by "Thai Drawing Chaloo Style" combining the Muchalinda tree with the Naga at the back of the Lord Buddha seemlessly. Each piece is casted with the highest level of casting quality called "Precision Casting", resulting the Closest-to-Mold workmanship under the certified jewelry grade of production by Fine Exit Co., Ltd.

The Buddha Silp Naga Buddha made of 2 sizes : 3.6 cm & 2.1 cm height. Best suit for either man, woman or children.

- Made only 99 องค์
- 2 parts combination of casting (The Naga and the Lord Buddha)
- Inside with "Kring" made of mixed old Naga Buddha and Lek Lai
- Temple Chop & Serial Number

*** For those who purchase The Roop Lor Buddha Silp Naga Buddha of both big & small size altogether from Dec 21, 14 - Jan 31, 15 will get the bonus of receiving The Buddha Muchalinda Rakthanatawee Coin 3.5 cm Height, Back Mahajakapadtratirat Yunt under the following conditions;
1. Purchase THB1,501-2,000 get 1 Copper coin value THB200 
2. Purchase THB2,001-2,500 get 1 Brass coin value THB300
3.  Purchase THB2,501-3,000 get 1 Holy mixed coin value THB400
3. Purchase THB3,000 up get 1 Alpaga coin value THB500 ***